How to Look Expensive(without breaking the bank)Part two!

December 16, 2020

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In part one, you learned how to look expensive adding accessories (jewelry, sunglasses, bags) so let’s move on Part Two! Yes – there’s more! No, not more accessories – but the clothes you wear and what you wear underneath makes a difference. Let’s dive in!

First, it is crucial that your clothes fit your body correctly.

Knowing what works for your body is the foundation of your entire closet, every clothing purchase you make, and every time you put together an outfit (which is every day!) If you need help figuring out what this is – make sure your name is on this list! I have something coming soon to help you do just that!

When you buy clothes that don’t fit you correctly – OR if you’re just trying to make it work (you know that feeling when you really want it to work, but it doesn’t!) – it impacts how you feel in the clothes – and that shows in the way you wear it – and the way you carry yourself. You deserve to feel nothing less than amazing – because that’s what you are! Learning what works for your body is a game-changer – and getting clothes altered to fit like a glove – also a game changer! Imagine if your closet was filled with quality clothing that fit and complemented your body. Think about all that closet stress you’d eliminate!

Have something that doesn’t fit you well? What do you do with it? You’re either still trying to make it work, wearing it without loving it, OR you’re donating it to Goodwill with the price tag still on it. Finding clothes that suit your body not only makes you look like you spent time and money on your look, but your confidence will shine – and HOW you wear your clothes, how you carry yourself in your clothes – is everything!

Also – fun fact: not only will you feel more confident in clothes that fit you just right, but finding clothes that fit you just right can also save money in the long run. Look expensive while you’re saving money – sign me up!

Clothing that fits correctly, got it!

But what about what goes on underneath your clothes?! Start by getting fitted for a bra! You can be wearing THE most incredible top – but with a double boob? It brings the look down. A supportive bra for my big chested girls – a great push up bra – either way – a bra is really important to create a seamless, classy look.

Wearing the correct undergarments can make a world of a difference

Also – underwear is also just as important! Try to avoid underwear lines; this can be tricky because you want the undies to be comfy, of course – BUT there are comfortable seamless options without wearing a thong! But if you like thongs – go for them! You’ll be sure to avoid lines with a thong.

Last but not least, the final way to look more expensive – go monochromatic. What is that you ask? It means choosing clothes that are all one color OR shades of the same color. Wearing all one color is really chic and sleek and surprisingly really easy to style! You might shy away from choosing all one color because it might feel different for you which is out of your comfort zone. Exactly the reason to try it. The more you experiment – the more you’ll come into your style. Start with your favorite color. Love pink? Great. Try a pink top with a pink bottom. Want to start with black? Easier way to go monochromatic! You’ll look sophisticated – which reads as expensive!

IMG_9664 4.JPG

You can’t go wrong with black on black.

It’s a starting point!

IMG_8363 3.JPG

White on white works just as well

just be careful with the ketchup lol


Tone on tone works as well!

try different shades of one color – like the purple on purple seen here!

There you have it. Three more ways to pull off looking expensive without having to break the bank. Finding the right fitting pieces, making sure all is running smoothly underneath – and going for that monochromatic look – you’ll be on your way to look more chic and expensive in no time!

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