HOW TO LOOK EXPENSIVE – Without breaking the bank! (Part one)

December 14, 2020

I’m Julie.
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You know the saying “diamonds are a girls’ best friend?” Well, yes, they can be! But diamonds are also expensive – and not everyone has the budget for those shiny BFFs. So here’s my solution, ready for it? “Accessories are a girls’ best friend” – let me explain why.

Simply put, accessories are the bomb. They’re the details that can help you own personal style and guess what? You don’t need rings from Tiffany and Co, your sunglasses do not need to be Chanel, and your bag does not have to be Louis Vuitton. 

Yup, that’s right … I said it. Now don’t get me wrong. I love and appreciate a great designer bag and sunnies and love me some 14k gold – and I’m all for incorporating high end, special pieces into your wardrobe if you can afford to.

BUT – you can look expensive without actually having to fork out a small car loan to do it! Want to know how? Let’s discuss!

  1. Jewels! Accessories can make the biggest difference if you know how to incorporate the right pieces!

Jewelry is the subtle way of saying “yes, I know what I am doing” when it comes to your style. Dainty jewelry can look like the “real” thing! Pick pieces that are delicate and you won’t be able to tell the difference!

Earring suggestions that are dainty and perfect to dress up or to dress down! Option 1, Option 2, Option 3

Dainty necklaces with a high end feel: Option 1, Option 2, Option 3, Option 4

One of my necklaces is the real thing - and one isn’t! Worn together - you can’t even tell which is which! THIS one is $42 and THIS is the real thing - but still at a great price!

One of my necklaces is the real thing – and one isn’t! Worn together – you can’t even tell which is which! THIS one is $42 and THIS is the real thing – but still at a great price!

Another jewelry trick? Go BOLD and GOLD! A chunky, bold gold earring or necklace has a high class feel – and makes a statement – without emptying your kids’ college fund.

IMG_3138 3.JPG

These chunky gold earrings accomplish a high end look without the price tag!

chunky pairs well back to delicate necklaces!


This chunky gold necklace accomplishes an expensive feeling on top of an otherwise neutral outfit.


CHoose a pair that make you

FEEL amazing!

Okay, so we got the jewelry – now, let’s talk about #2: sunglasses!

I can’t be the only one who loses sunglasses almost as much as I lose my lipgloss. Good news. You can find the right sunglasses that suit your face and your style that have a designer look without the price tag. There is a difference in quality between a cheap pair from Amazon and the real thing – but there are some options in the middle that will upgrade your look. Typically, an oversized pair will help you feel “instant-chic” – but the most important – they have to suit your face! So if oversized isn’t your thing – find a pair that make you feel confident and beautiful. Here are some suggestions!

Lastly, where are my bag girls atttttt?!

3. Bags bags bags!

I know it, you know it, a great designer handbag is such a treat. If you are someone who swoons over designer bags – then all power to you. I’m a huge fan of treating yourself for a milestone birthday, for working towards a personal goal, or for a special occassion! But I am also here to tell you, you don’t need it. The key to a bag that looks designer and will stand the test of time; simple, structured, and minimal hardware. Find a bag with those three components and you are on your way to looking more expensive already! But it certainly doesn’t have to have a logo on it! I’m NOT saying to go cheapy cheap here. You want a quality bag that will last – you don’t want to add one to your closet just because it’s cheap. Investing in quality doesn’t have to mean over the top designer prices. There is a middle ground – and you can have the look you’re going for – for less! Click here for some suggestions!

There you have it! Three things you can add to look more expensive without the splurge. Gather your jewels, a fabulous pair of sunnies, and a classic bag and strut your stuff comfortably – knowing you look GREAT – and rest easy knowing you didn’t spend a small fortune (but no one has to know that :)…)

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