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I’m Julie, Your New Style Therapist

I’m here to help you find that fierce inner fashionista - one that you might not even realize you have in you. And once you find it - a style that’s unique to only you - it’s going to take you to places you’ve only dreamed of. Let’s make your dreams a reality - through your closet.

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Ready to Become Obsessed With Your Style?

I’d love to guide you through that process - to take your closet from confused to curated. So you can walk into your closet without stress and walk out dressed with confidence. - from the inside out.

here's what i do:

The CHIC Method


My signature proven system that’s helped hundreds of women become their own style experts and curate their closets accordingly.

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Style & Color Consult Services

If you’d like a personal consultation (all virtual!) I offer game-changing style and color services.

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Outfit Guide

Love the idea of a capsule wardrobe, but unsure where to start? I’ve created one for you! That’s over 365 done for you outfits for the year created from wardrobe essentials.

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“Thank you for genuinely changing my life. I’ll never stop saying it.” -  BRI

I help busy women create a wardrobe of their dreams {without a dream budget!} for confidence from the inside out.

Call me Jules, Julie, Mom, Style Coach + Chief Vulnerability Officer (CVO) I take a connection approach to style coaching.

About me


Helping women find their unique style and use it as a powerful tool to show up as the main character in their life,


I was a lost new mom, lacking confidence, without motivation to get dressed in anything other than leggings. Once I stepped into my style, I gained the confidence to go after my true passions and skyrocketed to number one in my fashion company, and then on to create a business and life I had only dreamed of before. Now I help other women find their power through their style.

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When you start your morning with decision fatigue, it sets the mood (frustration!) for the rest of your day, when in fact, you CAN and SHOULD be starting your day with a mood of EXCITEMENT. 

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Julie Kraus ✨ Style Therapist
Creator of The CHIC Method
Curate your closet, master your style for confidence from the inside out