Ever wish you could just feel good in your own skin every single day?

Julie Kraus, at your service. Call me Jules, Julie, Mom (Mom is what I hear the most from the little humans I live with), Style Coach + Former Teacher + Chief Vulnerability Officer (CVO, for short)

Well, that’s my job.

I take a connection approach to style coaching.

With this philosophy, I help women, who are so busy taking care of others they…

Feel like they don’t have time to care for themselves
Feel selfish for doing so
OR feel guilty making their style and confidence a priority

Because in order to take care of everyone and everything else - it starts with us.

I’m speaking from experience, because...

I learned the importance of putting my style, my confidence, and how I presented myself to the world - the hard way—when I was lost in new motherhood, covered in spit up and tears.

You see, I left my teaching career to be a stay at home mom, but once I was…

…I wasn’t happy because I lost my sense of self.

But looking back now, I understand that was just part of my journey, part of my story, and a pivotal point in my life.

In a moment of realization, of inspiration, I decided it was time to get myself back. To put myself first again.

And when I did that: I was HAPPIER. I was BETTER for THEM. Ya know - the little humans I live with. (And the big guy, too. The 6’6 big guy that I married 10 years ago.)

The person I am now feels completely different than she did then. 

Left teaching to be a stay at home mom. Had kids 13 months apart! 

So, maybe your journey looks less like lost in new mom-hood but looks a lot like:

Looking at others and wishing you had what they had or looking how they looked

Buying clothes, but not being sure if they’re the right ones

Wishing you felt confident walking out the door every morning in what you were wearing

Wondering if you’ll ever feel the best you can, just the way you are, in your own skin.


You CAN feel your best just the way you are.


Be the most confident human you can be for those little humans who are watching you.

From the Classroom to the Fashion World

In three short years, I went from totally lost to Number One in a fashion company for coaching. Say WHAT?! Me? Numero Uno?! And earning trips and a key note speaker and….. ME?!

Luckily, the story didn’t end there.

My Burning Question

In 2020, I took my personal experience, coupled with my professional experience, and created a way to reach women who needed this, too. Through The CHIC Method, I’ve helped women up their style game, transforming their wardrobe, and their confidence,

How can I help other women undergo this same complete transformation that I just underwent?

How can I deliver that to them using my strengths and zone of genius?

from the inside out.

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Julie Kraus ✨ Style Therapist
Creator of The CHIC Method
Curate your closet, master your style for confidence from the inside out