I'm Julie.


A stylist, image consultant, entrepreneur and TV style expert dedicated to helping women take the struggle out of their style journey.

I’m out here IMPLORING women to believe they’re selling their potential short, simply because they don’t know how much upping their style game can actually change their life game.

I learned the importance of putting my style, my confidence, and how I presented myself to the world - the hard way—when I was lost in new motherhood, covered in spit up and tears.

You see, I left my teaching career to be a stay at home mom, but once I was, I wasn’t happy because I lost my sense of self. Looking back now, I understand that was just part of my journey, part of my story, and a pivotal point in my life.

In a moment of realization, of inspiration, I decided it was time to get myself back. To put myself first again. And when I did that: I was HAPPIER. I was BETTER for THEM. Ya know - the little humans I live with. (And the big guy, too. The 6’6 big guy that I married 10 years ago.)

I’m speaking from experience, because...

Luckily, the story didn’t end there.

I remember the specific moment. I was sitting in the audience at a big convention for the network marketing company I was a part of. I looked at the women on the stage, wide-eyed, and thought, “That’s what I want.” And instead of wallowing in envy thinking, “IF ONLY I could have that,” instead I had the audacity to think, “What if I COULD have that? What if that could be ME?” You know what happened next?

In three short years, I went from totally lost to Number One in a fashion company for coaching. I gave the keynote speech at the exact conference where I sat in a stadium seat 2 years earlier, staring at the stage and dreaming just a little bigger than I thought possible.

I became the exact woman I set my mind to be.

Not long after that, I decided that everything I ever wanted still wasn’t the ceiling for me. So after seeing other women building amazingly impactful online businesses, I took it a step further and began building my OWN brand. I went through intensive stylist and color analysis training to hone my craft,
and began what is now CHIC™.


I'm here to help the every day woman who has big dreams, and wants style to make sense & work for her as a tool to grow her confidence, presence, impact, and income.

From mindset & habits, to strategies for curating an intentional closet and practical style tips to staying modern in their image, I walk women through how style can ripple effect to elevate all the areas of their life, both personally and professionally.

SO happy you're here. Thank you so much for taking the time
to visit & connect.


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