Will You Be The Next Success Story?


After my life transformed through style, it became
my mission to bring
life-changing confidence
to other women, too.

You know what? I actually hate before and afters. They carry this implication that the “before” is “bad” or “not good enough” and that it’s all about how you look which is so far from the truth. What is captured in a “before” and “after” is a reflection of how you feel - and there are so many intangibles that go unseen. If I could capture a picture of how much my clients’ lives changed since CHIC - well - there just isn’t technology advanced enough to do that.

"I have full blown panic attacks before photoshoots and it’s why I hardly do them ever. I’m just not confident in the getting dressed and the putting together outfits part. I hate it so much. The last one I had I hired a Stylist. This time, after CHIC, I had ordered pieces you had suggested in the Shopping Guides… and I had 2 hours to pull the outfits together. I feel SO amazing, so confident, it’s a great palette, everything looks so good on me, I’m so excited, and I actually feel like I don’t need a Stylist because I’m my own Stylist now!"

Megan became her own stylist

"I think the biggest difference I see is the CONFIDENCE because I feel so much better in what I am wearing!!!!!"


"Before CHIC, my purchases were never this intentional. Now the outfit combinations feel endless. I can easily see how I can wear pieces in multiple ways and in different seasons. I can pick out a killer statement top like nobody's business, but now my whole outfit game is coming together. And people are noticing."


This program has been AMAZING. I’m looking at my body type and clothes in a way I never have before.

— jennifer

 “I no longer allow things into my closet that don't fit me or my style vision. Finally it's not about what's wrong with me when something doesn't work. Instead it's about the clothes being wrong for the woman I'm becoming, and that feels FREEING.”

— jeSS

I appreciate your help with confidence and style more than you know and I can’t even begin to explain what it’s doing for me.

— bri

"This is a life changing experience!"

"From learning how to love my body as it is, dress my body for where it is, and feel great - to learning how to pack in 5 minutes. Julie you have developed a brilliant program that has your personal passion and purpose stamp all over it. I'm so glad I clicked 'I want to learn more' on your Instagram stories 5 months ago and invested in myself." - JEANE

"Listen, I had a shopping PROBLEM."

"I mean overspending EVERY month and still having nothing to wear in my closet. Now that I have my very own style vision, I have HIGH FREAKING STANDARDS for what I buy because I know who I'm becoming and what pieces in my closet I'm missing within that vision. I no longer get distracted by try-on hauls. Turns out being OBSESSED with my own style vision is actually saving me hundreds every single month.”

"I rediscovered the joy I used to feel about getting dressed."

"The clarity and freedom that I’ve felt around getting dressed in the last few weeks has resulted in my husband giving me the eye; friends, family, and strangers complimenting what I’ve put together; and most importantly, feeling confident being bold, bright, and happily “me”."


It’s never too late
to reinvent your
regardless of your
regardless of your

let's work together


Julie Kraus | Stylist
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