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My Story

After my life transformed through style, it became my mission to bring life-changing confidence to other women, too. I combined my stylist training with a background in teaching and counseling to take

to helping you curate your closet and find that sense of style that might have gotten lost along the way.

a unique approach

The CHIC Method

This is my signature program that will give you a 4 week roadmap to curate a closet of your dreams - learning everything about dressing for your body type and coloring, while mastering your own style along the way. This self-paced course will give you access to my support while you become your own style expert.

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The Custom Consultation

Through a body analysis (all done virtually!) I’ll create a custom clothing guide for you. You’ll learn everything from how to dress your body shape, balancing your specific proportions, the line in your body and corresponding fabrics to complement your shape, to your body’s scale, texture, and specific recommendations for the best cuts for your body. You’ll receive a 20 page custom guide of your analysis that will serve as your own personal clothing encyclopedia.

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Custom Color Analysis

Through a virtual analysis of your coloring in combination with your preferences and style core, I will create a one of a kind color palette for your closet that is in harmony with your natural color patterns, customized for you. Additionally, I analyze your contrast pattern and neutral colors, along with your power color to give you a complete color palette with visual boards to show you how to bring your color palette to life through your outfits. You’ll receive a custom presentation in addition to a PDF for you to print, keep on your phone, use to shop, and/or hang in your closet. It’s magical.

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Kind Words

This program has been AMAZING. I’m looking at my body type and clothes in a way I never have before.

— jennifer

This has been a life-changing experience.

— jeanne

I appreciate your help with confidence and style more than you know and I can’t even begin to explain what it’s doing for me.

— bri

Julie's Promise

What Makes Us Different

I’m not the Stylist that’s going to tell you what to wear and what your style is. I don’t believe your style fits into one category or box and I believe creating your own unique style as you evolve and grow is your secret sauce.

Once you unlock what that is and how to put it together, you find that style magic.


It’s never too late
to reinvent your
regardless of your
regardless of your

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Julie Kraus ✨ Style Therapist
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