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January 18, 2022

I’m Julie.
After my life transformed through style, my mission became sharing that process to help women experience that same magic - to live out the life of their dreams, too.

One of THE most powerful, most under-utilized tools to go after every single goal you desire to achieve: your closet.

Now, hear me out.

Think of a day when you absolutely LOVED what you were wearing.

You felt bold, confident – like you could take on the world.

Now think of that day when outfit regret hit and you wanted to turn your car around on the way to work and just go home because you didn’t want to see anyone.

I want to let you in on a little secret 🤫

There’s a reason…

It’s called “enclothed cognition” and it explains the effect that clothing has on your mental processes: the way you think, feel, and function, in areas like attention, confidence, or abstract thinking.

So when you are feeling either AWESOME in your outfit – or like you want to hide – what you’re wearing literally impacts your brain and your ability to focus, feel motivated, inspired, and impacts the way you carry yourself.

When shifting my style changed the way I FELT and then went on to change the trajectory of my life – that one term “enclothed cognition” summed it up for me.

And then it became my mission to share the gift of style confidence with other women. From there, The CHIC Method was born. My signature program to help women curate a closet and style that brings that feeling of comfortable in your own skin combined with an excitement to get dressed each morning as a catalyst to go out and conquer your day, your month, your year, and ultimately, your life.

So you WANT to create a style you love – but where do you start?

The first step to developing that style vision is to get clear on who you are, who you want to be, where you want to be, and what your values are.

With the noise of social media, our vision can easily get muddied. You start scrolling and then all of the sudden you’re thinking, “hmm is that an outfit I should wear? Is that what’s in style right now? Are my clothes wrong?”

When you’re looking at others, it can cause you to feel even more confused, find yourself in comparison mode, and before you know it, you’ve forgotten what YOU love because you’re too busy looking at what everyone else loves.

Get back to you. Find a quiet place, an inspiring space, and allow yourself to dream. The logical part of our brain holds us back from dreaming too much because it causes fear to kick in. As humans, we want to know HOW we will get from point A to point B. And when we don’t know HOW we will achieve our dreams and desires, we shut down and push them away because that’s easier. And our comfort zone likes easy.

But here’s the thing: Your comfort zone and your wildest dreams can’t co-exist. You have to stretch beyond what feels comfortable because that is the sign that you’re growing, evolving, and conquering that fear.

When you’re dreaming – creating that vision for yourself, allow yourself the space to dream. Your mind is the most powerful tool, it’s your strongest muscle, and that can be your greatest asset or your greatest deterrent.

So what now? You’ve dreamed about what you want. It feels uncomfortable because you’re expanding and growing. What’s the next step?

The most underutilized catalyst to reach every single one of those dreams: your closet.

Who is the woman you’re dreaming of? How does she act? How does she feel? And what is she wearing?

If you’re dreaming about becoming the CEO of your company, but you find yourself in sweats and a top knot most days, there is incongruence between how you’re showing up and where you want to go. You’ll feel that as you go through your day. Others will feel that energy from you.

As humans, we are attracted to confidence. And don’t get it twisted and mistake arrogance for confidence. Two very different feelings.

Do you want a doctor doing surgery on you if she does not seem confident? I rest my case.

How you portray yourself through your clothing is a reflection of how you feel. Raise your closet to the level you want to be – how you want to feel – to be the woman you’re dreaming of.

The beginning of a new year feels like a perfect time to set that intention for the year so you can find inspiration in your own closet, each morning, looking in that mirror, and realizing that you have everything you need.

The CHIC Method is the proven process to learn how to make it work FOR you, for your body, and how to put it together in a way that feels like magic. I teach you that process in my FREE CLASS so go ahead and watch so you can take what I’m teaching you here and apply it.

In The CHIC Method program this month, I’ll be walking members through a Style Vision Workshop – creating this Style Vision, together, and then bringing it to life to go after those dreams this year, without letting fear hold you back.

If you want me to walk you through this process, I would love to work with you inside our program to help you create that chic, upleveled woman and life that you so deserve. All of the info on what’s included here.

Cheers to creating a style vision that’s in line with your dreams, and here’s to creating that life of your dreams, through your closet.

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