Skincare routine that’s changed my skin

February 19, 2020

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Since I started using these products, my skin changed.

I’ve always had pretty “good” skin, I’d say. I never had issues with acne, luckily, but in high school, and even into college, I spent WAY too much time in the sun since being “tan” was so “in” and I’m not proud to say I spent way too much time in a tanning bed, trying to be tan like my friends.

My skin underwent a lot of damage for many years, and I’ve learned a lot in the years since. And I can now say to my mom “you were right – I should have stayed out of the sun.”

As a fair skinned person, the sun is just dangerous. In addition to worrying about skin cancer, it did a number on me in terms of texture of my skin, fine lines and wrinkles, and just overall – damage.

I did a lot of educating myself in the last couple of years, as having kids makes you want to be the healthiest you possibly can be – and that’s when I realized how important what I was putting ON my body was just as important as what I was putting IN it.

I also have rosacea which basically makes my skin red and sensitive so I always have to be really careful with what I use on my face!

I knew I needed CLEAN skincare – but also really wanted something that was going to “undo” the damage I’d created for so many years.

My friends talked about Ever – and anyone who used it – I literally just admired their skin. It looked like a baby’s butt! lol. And it was seeing those results that really got me – and that was before I even learned about the WHY this stuff was so awesome.

CLEAN ingredients with CLINICAL results. And clean by EUROPEAN standards which are WAY more strict than US standards. THAT is very hard to find in the US, I’ve learned.

And the results – they just speak for themselves.

I started with a couple products that won Allure Best of Beauty awards, and then I moved on to a whole regimen, because, well, to be honest – I didn’t want to pay for a regimen – lol – but then I thought about how I’d feel if this stuff really changed my skin – and also remembered that a regimen cost less than a typical trip of mine to Target soooo I got over trying to talk myself out of something that I knew would make me feel good. And something that I knew was really just investing in myself!

I’m NOT a doctor or esthetician – I just love that the ingredients are clean – and I love how my skin looks and I’m always getting compliments on it – which also feels good!

So this has become my skin routine – and it’s plain and simple just given me results that I absolutely love.

So here it is.

This is the regime I use!

Nightime Routine

  1. Cleansing Balm: This cleanses my skin and takes off my makeup! It gently melts away dirt, oil, and makeup without stripping skin of natural moisture.

  2. Face Wash: This has been nice and easy on my rosacea!

  3. Beauty Water: Removes makeup, dirt and impurities while leaving skin cleansed, toned and dewy. I LOVEEEE how this stuff feels.

  4. Eye Cream: This intensive treatment helps reduce the appearance of puffiness, dark circles, lines and dryness for a total eye revival.

  5. Youthful Peptide Serum: Firms, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, and smooths expressions line around the eyes, mouth and face. YOUTHFUL infuses skin with long-lasting moisture. Lines and wrinkles visibly fade. Powerful 20% quattro-peptide complex helps boost firmness and elasticity, leaving skin looking more lifted. Also helps reduce my redness from rosacea.

  6. Peel Pads: smooths and re-texturizes the surface of your skin. With daily use, skin feels firmer and becomes more radiant and visibly smoother. It’s like a facial in a pad!!Gently remove dead skin cells to help clear and reduce the visibility of pores and the appearance of spots.

  7. Moisture Injection Cream …..COMBINED with Vacay Drops every other night …. helps increase firmness and support skin elasticity and density. Gives skin a dewy appearance while visibly restoring moisture. My skin can be really dry in the winter and I just LOVE the formula of this cream! And the VACAY DROPS! Obsessed with these. They give my pale skin the perfect natural glow!

  8. … and Overnight OIL on the alternate night night: This highly effective, yet gentle formula will replenish essential moisture, smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reduce visible pore size and boost skin’s radiance. Visibly younger, firmer, smoother and brighter-looking skin. I’ve been using this the longest and adore it!

I also LOVE these little postules a few nights a week. They literally feel like silk going on your face! A concentrated version of Youthful Quattro Peptide Serum – it’s a silky nighttime treatment that works to repair skin while you sleep so you wake up with a firmer-looking, more radiant complexion. LOVE traveling with these!!!

In the morning I use Sublime for my eyes, Youthful Peptide Serum (again), Daylight, and then follow with my regular makeup routine!

Hope this was helpful! If you have any questions at all, feel free to reach out! XO

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