Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: A Comprehensive Guide for Smart Shopping!

August 2, 2020

I’m Julie.
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This is a VERY long, but VERY comprehensive post that will serve as a resource and guide for The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! I hope it’s something you’ll read through and refer back to as a resource!

Before we get into the nitty gritty of one of my very fave sales of the year – let’s talk about what it is and how to sift through to figure out what you NEED and what are SMART purchases. Most sales happen at the end of a season to get rid of inventory, right? This sale is the opposite! It’s a sale for the upcoming season – and best part? Really good brands. So if you’re organized, you can save SO much and feel so good when fall comes around (and crazy but it is right around the corner already!)

Start by asking yourself a couple of questions:

  1. What are the holes in my wardrobe I need to fill?

  2. What will I be spending most time in per my day to day/lifestyle?

My Style Bootcamp alumni AND my Capsule Wardrobe peeps – you girls know my feelings on our closets. To avoid over-spending and accumulating more and more that overwhelms us, causes more decision fatigue, and buying those things we don’t know how much wear we’ll get out of – INSTEAD – choose basics that are good quality, that will last you for a long time, that look great on you, and that you can mix and match in a ton of different combinations. 

Making that change is HUGE! You’ll feel comfortable, have less anxiety around “what should I wear today” – and you’ll develop smarter shopping habits! If you’re buying something that’s not a basic, make sure you absolutely LOVE it. Maybe it’s a special purse you’ve been waiting for a long time to grab – or a little jacket that speaks to you. And if you’ve been thinking about it for a while and now it’s on sale – amazing – grab it! My motto: “you deserve it” 😉

With all of that said, I LOVE the Nordstrom Sale because you’re getting quality pieces, it’s an opportunity to grab those designer brands that hardly ever go on sale – at a steep discount – and you’re setting yourself up for a fall wardrobe that you can get excited about – and those special pieces you’ll wear and use year-round. Other thing I love? Nordstrom has the best customer service and return policy so returns are super easy and stress-free, and FREE! So you can’t go wrong.

Another note about that. This is a VERY popular sale that gets A LOT of coverage from bloggers, press, and that Nordstrom lovers wait for all year. With that said – hot items tend to sell out quickly and based on the state of the world right now and how people are shopping online vs in store – I’d not only recommend buying your items online as soon as you can based on the dates below, but planning ahead of time what you’d like to get so you can hop on it as soon as you have access to avoid sellouts – (which is why I worked my tail off to get this to you as soon as possible!) Not sure what size you are? Order 2 sizes and return the one that doesn’t work!

First things first – DATES! Here’s a breakdown of when we can shop:

Icon Early Access – If you’re Icon status, you can start shopping August 4th

Ambassador Early Access – If you’re Ambassador status, you can start shopping August 7th

Influencer Early Access – If you’re Influencer status, you can start shopping August 10th

Insider Early Access – If you’re Insider status, you can start shopping August 13th

Public Access – If you’re not a cardholder, you can start shopping August 19th

To check which status you are:

On a desktop:

Log into your Nordstrom account and click “The Nordy Club” on the left and it’ll tell you your status and the dates you can shop!

On the mobile app:

log in, go to Account (bottom right), click Rewards, and you’ll see your status at the top!

On a mobile browser:

log in, click the three lines on the top left, click Your Account, click The Nordy Club, and you’ll see your status in yellow.


For everyone, the sale ENDS August 31st and prices will go back up!

Ok – so there’s the rundown – now let’s get into the 


 stuff! I’ve broken each of my picks down by specific category. This way, when you’re figuring out where the holes in your closet are, you can choose which link to visit to fill in! Again – all the pieces I’ve chosen are those basics that you’re going to wear over and over, that can be worn in SO many ways, and that will last you for a long time to come. A description of each category, how to style it, why it’s a staple, and any other info will accompany each collage and link!  Simply click on the link 

(the underlined heading OR the picture collage)

 and it will take you to preview every option. If you don’t already have the liketoknowit app – it’s an awesome tool to use for this sale and beyond. You can “favorite” the things you Iove that you want to shop so you’re ready to go once you have access to the sale!  I hope this is super resourceful for you and an email you’ll come back to visit as you’re deciding on what to grab! As always, so appreciate you shopping my links and trusting in my suggestions! I have several picks in each category as items do tend to sell out so I wanted to give you many options in that case, as well as price range, cut, and style! Any questions, always feel free to respond to this email or DM me on Instagram! @juliekrausxo In no particular order: Here we GO!


Probably one of my favorite things about the Nordstrom sale – the amazing jean brands that rarely go on sale. I’m a big believer that we should have at least one pair of QUALITY jeans that we love and fit us well, that we know will last! AG is one of my favorite jean brands and the price tag is quite high for what I like to spend, personally, but when they are on sale, I’m in! I love how they fit, they’re amazing quality, and I love that a few classic pairs are part of the sale. You’ll notice that I also included a bunch of BLACK DENIM options! Black denim is a staple for fall and winter. They’re a great alternative to a traditional blue denim, and black is slimming and flattering – so there’s that, too 😉 To note about denim: relaxed and flare styles are definitely “in style” – however – choose denim that complement YOUR figure! Regardless of what’s in style – you’re going to feel best in what looks best on YOU! And for my petite girls – there are a bunch of cropped options this year so those will be great for you! 

Pants, Skirts, Dresses

Other pants that I think are super important staples for the cooler seasons? An elevated pair of leggings! The Spanx faux leather leggings are my go-to pair. I size up one to a medium in them and I wear them SO often in the fall and winter. They’re the best! The other options you’ll see here? A jogger! Casual, comfy, can be dressed up or down, and a great alternative to a legging. For my working gals – a great ponte pant is a must. The look of a dress pant with the feel of a legging. When I was a teacher that’s all I wore! Also – a great pair of high waisted cropped black pants is so versatile, chic, and flattering on most body types. If you’re a working gal – they’re great to have.

Fashion Sneaks

LOVE this category. We don’t ONLY have to be in tennis shoes to be comfortable. We can be comfortable WHILE still fashionable! LOVE a great pair of “fashion sneakers”. They’re a really fun way to incorporate a print you love AND even get crazy with some glitter 😉 You’ll see what I mean when you check out my picks. This is an AMAZING time to grab a pair of P448’s if you’ve been eyeing them. They’re about half the price of the coveted Golden Goose, but the same quality (in my opinion!) AND in my opinion, they’re also more comfortable! They’re pricey still, but a special Italian footwear brand, and one of those brands that are rarely on sale, so it’s a great time to grab them. Other options are slip ons, high tops, and a couple with fur inside to keep your feet warm so equally cute AND cozy which I love. Also – if you don’t have a great pair of white “fashion sneaks” – there are some adorable options included in the sale!


Ohhhh booties how I love thee. LOL. Topping my list of what I love about fall and fall fashion – BOOTIES! Flat, heeled – little heel, skinny heel, chunky heel – you do you on that one. Choose what will be most functional for you, but a great bootie is OH so important – a neutral one, a black one, a printed one – whichever most of your closet will go with! I also LOVE white booties. I think they’re SO fun – especially to take your summer dresses and transition them into fall. SO GOOD! 


High boots & combat boots & rain boots! Oh my! This is a great time to grab a high boot – whether it be over the knee or under the knee – either will work and will be fall and winter shoe staples! Same as booties – the heel height depends on your comfort level and what your day to day is like – and what you’ll get most use out of! Combat boots are another boot I love and adore. Why? 1 – Instant chic & cool. 2 – Comfort! They’re so much fun to style and I LOVE the combat boots included in this sale. Last, but maybe most important – rain boots! Hunter rainboots is another brand that hardly ever goes on sale so this is a perfect time to grab them. They’re practical, still fashionable, QUALITY, and you’ll be SO happy to have them on rainy days to stay dry without sacrificing style 🙂


Another comfy and stylish alternative to sneakers AND a great way to show your style personality – color, pattern, etc. I love a good neutral pair, you can’t go wrong with black, and a snakeskin or fun color is great, too! These are a great transitional shoe when it’s a little chilly for sandals, but still not quite freezing! They’re also great for the office for anyone who who is still going into the office! They work casually and for the office so I love their versatility to transition from work to play.


Basic tees – short sleeve, long sleeve, and blouses. They’re the base of your outfits so some great staples are going to be amazing to layer up with jackets, scarves, and accessories to change up your look. I’m excited to grab some of these basics myself! And for the blouses – think of them as a piece that you can not only wear a little more dressy to the office or to dinner – but they’re super chic with distressed denim, or even shorts!


The perfect layer to throw over your tops. LOVE a good open, cozy sweater over a tank, t shirt, or long sleeve. They’re oh so comfy, flattering because of the vertical lines that not only elongate, but cover up the tummy and what you have underneath – and I mean that in a good way! One thing to watch with open cardigans – the pockets on the outside. If they’re hitting around your hips, they can add bulk there, so be careful with the placement of those pockets! BUT make sure to have at least one long cozy open cardigan for fall. You’ll live in it!


Another thing I love about fall. Throw on a sweater with jeans – blue or black OR with a skirt OR leggings. A couple of neutral sweaters go a long way and there are some fabulous options in the sale – all different fits and with different details. I tend to like to size up one in most sweaters to get that effortless, oversized look and keep what I’m wearing on the bottom more fitted to keep the outfit balanced.


So I know I’ve said that other things are my favorite things about fall, but you need to know something about me. I am a moto jacket addict. Some women are obsessed with shoes, handbags – I love JACKETS! I’m so weird, I know – but you can be wearing pretty much ANYTHING and a little leather jacket is going to elevate it. White is often missed, but SO chic and goes with everything, a classic black leather jacket is LIFE, a stone gray is SO cool and another great neutral – and I’ve linked a ton of options for you. Trust me on this – ya NEED! Blank NYC is my favorite affordable little jacket brand, but if you can afford to go up in price a bit and grab an All Saints leather jacket on sale – you will not regret it!!!! It’ll last you for years to come.


What you’ll find in this category are teddy coats, winter coats, and raincoats. Why I love teddy coats – they’re as comfy as a being wrapped in a blanket, but very stylish. Wear them open or buttoned up and you can wear them casually or a little dressier. I also adore some color in a coat to add a pop over your basics! These long coats, plaid, blue, tan – coats are a fun way to incorporate your style personality whether it’s a more classic color and cut, feminine, or a coat with a little edge! Other jackets included – a couple of adorable raincoats – so if you need one of those – it’s a great time to grab it.


Another layer that adds instant elevation to your cami, your tank, your t-shirt. And when you think of blazer, I know you’re thinking the transitional pants-suit – and YES I do love a good pants-suit, but blazers are SO modern and versatile, while still keeping class. I wear mine with shorts, with jeans, over dresses. Having a great black blazer is a GREAT idea and there are some VERY affordable options!


I love sunglasses. The same way I love jackets. It’s that piece that can change your look in a snap, add some instant-chic, and you can wear year round. I have “real” sunglasses and I have plenty of dupes. And while I love my Amazon sunnies, there is a CLEAR difference in quality between sunglasses that are $15 and the real thing. This is an amazing opportunity to grab some designer sunnies for a major discount. Want the designer look on more of a budget. The Quay sunnies have a lower price tag and are great quality.


SUCH a fun category to shop as these designer bags rarely get discounted. What I love in a bag? Practicality. I need it to be able to be worn hands-free – as a crossbody or shoulder bag – because – well, ya know, kids! Lol. I love minimal hardware, a classic shape, and a color I can wear with almost anything. White, black, tan, pink, or a pop of leopard. I could pretty much grab every single one of these bags (don’t worry, Adam. I won’t actually be doing that, but I may or may not be grabbing two lol)

Hats, Belts, Scarves

Meet your hair’s best friend in the fall – a fedora or panama style hat. You might not think you can pull it off – but you CAN! Try it, own it, and rock it! It’ll hide your dirty hair, it’ll cover it when it rains (these are the things I think about! Haha) and it is INSTANTLY stylish. Belts are another category that will add to your outfit, change its look, and add the third piece to tie your outfit together. The belt selection from the sale isn’t amazing, but I’ve linked some options that are great if you need to fill in! And that SCARF! Oversized and the print is absolutely gorgeous.


There’s something about crisp, new workout gear that makes you WANT to work out 😉 A great pair of leggings, a two piece set, a comfy oversized sweatshirt – there really is something about having cute activewear that gets you going. Another thing I like to look for in activewear – is it something I could wear out on errands after working out and feel good in? Could you throw a leather jacket on with your leggings, tank, and sneaks? A VERY chic look – sort of that casual/cool vibe! You don’t have to break the bank for workout clothes, BUT quality pieces you’re excited to wear are really important. The picks here are affordable and OH so cute! And if you need a new pair of sneaks – these two here are ADORABLE!


Oh man this category is FUN! Every single thing I suggest I either use and LOVE – OR a trusted beauty-loving friend has recommended and absolutely loves. It’s a GREAT time to grab some of those beauty finds at a massive discount. The shampoo and conditioner I’ve been using and LOVING, the Neulash (helps your eyelashes grow) I haven’t personally used, but I hear it works amazing from friends who use it (and this is the only time it goes on sale!), and I adore those caviar sticks. They’re such an easy eyeshadow/liner! Also – St. Tropez self tanner is a cult fave, rarely goes on sale, so if you’ve been wanting to try it – it’s a great time to do that. 


Last, but certainly not least. This category is sort of like spending money on a new furnace. Like it’s not FUN because you don’t get to “show it off” BUT it’s arguably one of the most important things in your wardrobe! Why? You wear them every day! Bras and undies are the first thing we put on every single day and the foundation of our outfits AND is there anything better than having a soft, cute pair of jammies to snuggle in bed with? I think not! It’s the best. These sets are SO stinking cute and very affordable, too!

Ok, that was a lot. And I hope it was super helpful for you and that you’ll come back to this as you prep for the sale to make smart shopping choices that you can ENJOY! 

Please reach out with any questions and keep me posted on what you grab. I’ll be shopping as soon as I can and will be sharing on my Instagram stories (@juliekrausxo) so be on the lookout for that, too!

If you’d like to go deeper into style and learn all things styling your specific body with a capsule wardrobe for fall in a small group setting, get on my Style Bootcamp Waitlist! It’s the greatest 🙂 More deets HERE!

And again, I appreciate you shopping my links. When you do, I get a small commission for the work I’ve done to get this all to you – and super grateful for your trust in me to help you find what you’re looking for.



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