Eye Makeup Routine!

January 21, 2020

I’m Julie.
After my life transformed through style, my mission became sharing that process to help women experience that same magic - to live out the life of their dreams, too.

I don’t do anything fancy, but when I find a routine I like, I stick to it! I posted an Instagram TV video doing this exact routine if your’e more of a watch to learn type gal like I am! I’m super visual. Here are the steps and links to everything I’ve been currently using on my eyes!

  1. I use this eyeshadow as a base. It helps to keep your shadow in place so it doesn’t come off. It’s AMAZING and can even be worn as a nude on its own.

  2. Then I use this palette for my eyes (under $10 and very pretty neutral shades!) starting with a mixture of the lighter colors and then working the medium browns into the crease of my eye, working my way about 1/3 to 1/2 way into my eyelid.

  3. Next, I use this brown liner. I alternate between black and brown, but brown is softer to me for the daytime.

  4. The best trick I’ve learned is to use a white/nude eyeliner in the waterline of your lower eye. It gives the illusion that your eye is bigger as it blends in with the white of your eyeball (sorry that’s a super awkward word to say and type, but it’s the only way to describe it lol.)

  5. Last, but certainly not least, my favorite step. I’m reallyyyyyy into mascara. I LOVE mascara. I’ve tested pretty much every mascara in the land and I do go through phases, but right now this combo is my fave: Start with this primer – then use this mascara which is INCREDIBLE. Has natural ingredients that moisturize your lashes and thicken and elongate, without clumping – which is SO hard to come by. I use it for my lower lashes, too. And then I top it off with this mascara for some extra UMPH! I know it’s a lot of steps, but it makes a HUGE difference. I don’t have false lashes, but I love the dramatic lash look, and this achieves it for me! I get asked if my lashes are real all the time – thank youuuu, mascara 🙂

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