December 3, 2020

I’m Julie.
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It’s funny how Target has turned into this magical escape (when we get to go without our kids lol). From home decor to everything you need for the holidays; one of my favorite sections this time of year: Target Fall Clothing. If you haven’t browsed their fall section, I’ll warn you – it’s hard to not buy everything. BUT – if you’ve been following me for a while – you know that I believe LESS is MORE! When you know what works for your body and have staples that complement your unique figure – those basics will take you a LONG way! But how do you know what works for your body? Well – keep reading! More on that soon!

SO – let’s style two of fall and winter’s most important staples in more than one way, for endless possibilities to stay stylish, but practical, all season long!


Part One: a basic sweater.

Do you have a fun patterned skirt or any bottoms like animal print or floral print to pair it with?

Play around!

That’s what makes finding your own style so fun. You get to make it uniquely you!

Want to make it girly? Add a soft color!

Want to make it edgy? Add a leather jacket.

Want to make it sporty? Add sneakers!


Okay… so you like to dress up and be girly, but not into patterns?

Grab that same sweater, your favorite pair of jeans, a pair of booties and a hat and you’re all set, and looking fab!

Throw on a fitted turtleneck underneath for an added layer if you get cold easily! {more on that, soon!}


Are you just itching to wear the sweater you love out for a lunch date with friends (like the old days – pre-Covid wahhhh) or a walk around the park with your kids – or even to the grocery store – but you just don’t know how to dress it down?

Add: sneakers and a baseball hat.

A white sneaker or what I like to call a “fashion” sneaker will do the trick!

Sneakers aren’t just for loungewear – they are a perfect way to add comfort and still feel stylish.


Next up!

Let’s take a look at a basic black turtleneck, an important staple for the colder seasons.

Of course it can be worn on its own with any bottoms because a staple generally will go with almost anything!

But do you want to take it up a notch? Let’s do it!


Grab a comfy pair of fashion joggers, a stylish pair of booties and your black turtleneck and you are all set!

This look is perfect if you want to be comfy while you’re out and about, but also wanting to dress up a little bit and show off your style!


The sweater we styled earlier PLUS almost any other sweater you own; can be layered with your basic turtleneck underneath!

Layering is my favorite part about cold weather style because you get to experiment with the pieces you already have to make them work for the cold!

The basic turtleneck + a basic cardigan = layering perfection.


And finally, you can’t go wrong with pairing a basic with jeans and a fun little jacket!

Grab those jeans that you love to wear, your favorite fashion jacket, and of course; your black turtleneck.

This works with booties, sneakers, boots, or flats – whichever you’re most comfortable in!


Multiple outfits that not only carry different vibes, but they’re looks to feel stylish without sacrificing your comfort. So how about figuring out the staples that work for YOUR body so you can feel confident shopping for what you’ll feel your best in? Well – I’m going to help you do just that. In just a few weeks I’ll be making an announcement you won’t want to miss. Make sure you’re on this list to get ALL the deets first. Any questions? Always feel free to DM me on Instagram (@juliekrausxo!)

And so there you have it! Two staples; endless possibilities!

Can’t wait to help you find the staples that are a perfect fit for YOU! XO

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