What the alumni are SAYIN’!

It was simply amazing. Julie, you are the BEST, sweetest, kindness, most giving person. I learned so much and I feel better about my style choices. I am confident in dressing for myself and not worrying about what anyone else is going to think! YOU helped me with that! It has affected my confidence in every aspect of my life. My business, my live feed videos, my customer group. People have noticed and I have noticed as well! I am, overall, confident in my own style. I used to think I was just weird and frumpy. Now, I know that I’m just ME! Honestly, everything put together was just a dream. I totally loved everything!

— Alina

I was inspired by your instagram posts and trusted that you could guide me through how to make my life EASIER with choosing what to wear and how to wear it. I was not looking to necessarily be STYLISH but for a better way to simplify my life. I got dressed for date night after the 3rd week and my husband said (with hand gestures from across the room moving up and down as if to describe my body) “oh wow Tash…this is lookin really really nice!” and the reaction was SO sincere. and it was an outfit made out of clothes I ALREADY HAD and had just never put it together in that way

— Natasha

I’m trying new clothes combinations! I’ve cut back on the clothes I’m holding onto – so freeing. It’s made me more eager to try new things without intimidation. It’s not just confidence, it’s more empowerment to decide what to wear!It feels good to learn something like this as a way to take care of yourself. Self care is always labeled to be meditation, baths, gym time, etc. This was self care to me. THANK YOU FOR THIS AMAZING PROGRAM

— Emily

It was amazing! So insightful and helpful to understand so much I had no idea mattered when getting dressed

— Jessica

I joined the bootcamp so that I could figure out ways to dress my body shape better and figure out how to stop being so stumped to put outfits together when I walked into my closet. I also wanted to figure out how to stop overspending and shopping just to shop. I accomplished that 100%

— Lauren

I joined because I wanted to be EXCITED to get dressed again while also learning more about what looks good on my body type. I felt like all I did was stare at my closet and think I have nothing to wear when in reality I had SO much that it was overwhelming. This program has been SO much more than I ever could have imagined. The excitement I had from the start with my 1-on-1 with you to learn more about ME to each and everyday excited to get a new notification in the FB group has made these past few weeks so wonderful. The interactions and friendships I have had with the other ladies in the group have also exceeded my expectations 10 fold! Comfortably Chic has opened my eyes to how I AM in control of my confidence with how I get dressed each day AND that I AM STYLISH.

— Victoria

I am actually tearing up and feeling super emotional while I write this because I’ve gotten to reflect along the way but looking back at all of it and how I feel now, I feel like a different person with regard to style and confidence. The best part of my day every single day for the last 5 weeks has been opening that facebook group and posting something, reading others posts, doing a homework assignment or getting ready for the zoom calls. I’m so thankful for this experience. The way I get excited about playing in my closet now is a new found love for style and it’s so much fun. I don’t even know who I am saying this! It’s so unlike me, but I love it so much. This program has given me a new found excitement for my closet and putting things together. It has given me the confidence to express myself through my style and through my outfits and to look put together and purposeful. It has made me think less about my body and why it’s not right in clothes and more about how to find the right clothes or outfits to flatter my body instead which is a positive mindset to have. It’s been absolutely incredible.


I enjoy getting dressed each day. I feel like I have lost that sense of overwhelm and replaced it with contentment and joy. I let go of half the items in my closet that didn’t fit or suit my body, and I still feel like I have so much more to wear than ever before. I feel like I found the woman I was before marriage and kids, and it’s invigorating!

— Amanda

It’s impacted how I look at style and my closest so differently! It’s affected my confidence for sure – you see me on my IG stories more and feeling so much better about how I’m sharing! This is a life changing experience – you learn so many things that you thought you knew but didn’t!

— Jeanne

I have loved every minute of this program. At first, I was a little uncertain on the cost, but it was worth every cent and then some. My entire experience has been positive and I would shout your praises from the rooftops! I’ve changed my mindset from “I can’t wear that” and “someone will think this looks stupid on me” to “Here’s what looks good on me and makes ME happy. I think everyone would find something beneficial in this program. Whether it’s dressing for your body type, finding the right colours, planning using the capsule wardrobe. There are a million golden nuggets of knowledge in this program. I now have the confidence to put together an outfit that fits my style and my life, to feel good in it, and of course be comfortably chic 🙂

— Megan


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