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 Oh – and I should probablyyyy introduce myself.

HI! I’m Julie – former teacher and counselor turned stylist – trained by one of the world’s leading style experts, mama to two, founder of the CHIC method and self-love and Bravo TV advocate.

I help you dress for the body you’re in so you don’t feel like hiding yourself.

So you can be a badass mom, role model and example of confidence for those kiddos who are watching and copying you.

So you can own your office, be bold at work, scroll Instagram at your bathroom break and swipe up smarter – differentiating between a want and a need, knowing what works for you and why.

I help you take control of your style by stepping into it.

I take a whole person approach. I don’t believe in telling you what your style is, I believe in helping you find it.

And I believe in giving you the tools, the principles, and the process to rediscover your style and edit your closet accordingly, as you change through the seasons of your life.



Julie Kraus | Stylist
〰️ I help you take the struggle out of style
Founder of CHIC▫️Podcast Host▫️Mom of 2