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So I know what you’re thinking…

  • I don’t have the time right now – I’m swamped between work and distant learning – how can I even think about something for me? 

  • I feel guilty investing in myself – I mean is style really that important? 

  • I’m not happy with my body so I should wait until I’m the size I want to be before I figure out my clothes.

But what if I told you that carving out time to get your style figured out will impact every other bucket of your life – from work, to marriage, to kids?

What if you felt confident in your body, despite what you perceive to be your body’s flaws?

What if you could take the money you save from shopping smarter and invest that into experiences for your family? Trip to Disney, anyone?! Or that bathroom reno you’ve been dying to do?! 

You didn’t land on this page by accident. You came across it for a reason. You have that style confidence in you, waiting to be pulled out to transform your life.

So are you ready to get this style thing figured out?


Julie Kraus | Stylist
〰️ I help you take the struggle out of style
Founder of CHIC▫️Podcast Host▫️Mom of 2