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If you’re a mom who wants to find your style,

Know what to wear for your body,

Feel good in your own skin,

and learn how to put outfits together without constantly spending on new clothes.

You want to edit your closet so your’e not overwhelmed when you go to get dressed.

You want help cleaning out your closet and curating outfits for your life. 

Through the CHIC process you’ll learn the foundation for a curated closet that brings you joy. 

You’ll go from trying to cover up your body and reaching for the same outfits –  to turning your hubby’s head when you walk down the steps.

People in your life will notice that confidence – including the little people who are watching you every day.

With a genuine interest in your success, personal connection in a community-oriented environment, and a whole lot of FUN along the way – you’ll be on your way to a new outlook on getting dressed, your closet, how your present yourself  to the world, and how you FEEL.

“Self-care is always labeled to be meditation, baths, gym time, etc. This was self-care to me. Thank you for this amazing program” – Emily, Chic Community Member.

Can’t WAIT to welcome you into the CHIC family 



Julie Kraus | Stylist
〰️ I help you take the struggle out of style
Founder of CHIC▫️Podcast Host▫️Mom of 2