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20 CHIC Closet Basics for Every Season!

You have so many clothes, but you feel like you have nothing to wear. Sigh... There are a few reasons you might feel that way - ya know - the closet confusion.

ONE of those reasons: you might not have all the right building blocks. The core basics for a CHIC wardrobe.

And let’s just answer your first question right off the bat. 

“If I wear basics - will my outfits be BORING?! I don’t want to be dressing like a snoozefest. I want to feel good in what I put on for the day.”

Good News!

Basics are anything BUT boring. Here’s why

When you have a closet of core basics that work for your body, that are quality, that fit you well, and that you feel good in - the outfit possibilities are endless - and you can infuse your style personality all over those basics. 

So - let’s get you a checklist of those wardrobe basics - broken down by season, shall we?


Julie Kraus | Stylist
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