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Simplify your style – and your life!  

You go to your closet and you have so many clothes, so why does it feel like you have nothing to wear?

You try on a few things and it all ends up in a pile on your bedroom floor.

You get frustrated and just grab for the same thing that you feel like you wear every day.

You’re too busy to figure out how to create a new wardrobe – but you feel like you need one.

So you do what you do every time you feel like this…

You go to Instagram and swipe up on all the sales! New clothes – that will do the trick!

You add to cart – and before you know it you have 10 tabs open and your total is making you cringe.

But what else are you supposed to do? You have nothing to wear!

The new clothes come and you get excited. You wear the new tops once and feel ok in them.

They’re not AMAZING, but they’ll work.

And then a few days later you go back to your closet to get dressed.

You have some new things – so WHY are you feeling so stumped putting together an outfit?!

How could it be?


You know you if you don’t do something about this – you’ll stay stuck in this cycle.

Swiping up to shop (but it’s ok if it’s on sale, right 🙈)

Accumulating more and more clothes.

Spending more and more of your hard earned money.

And still feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by your closet.

But how do you get out of this style rut? There HAS to be a way.

Well – that’s where I come in!

The problem with shopping to “fix” this is two-fold:

  • You might not be shopping for the right things.

  • It’s causing more decision fatigue.

    Because here’s the thing…

When you have the right basics in your closet – you’ll be able to arrange them into unlimited outfits!

AND when you feel good in those pieces – even BETTER!

You will LIKE your options.

When you have great basics that can all work together – putting outfits together becomes easier – and more fun.

When you have TOO many choices, it actually overloads your brain – which causes more stress – which leads to that closet overwhelm – and ultimately – the closet breakdown. {You know the one I’m talking about!}

This is why I wanted to create a simple style solution.

You’re busy. You wear so many hats. You DESERVE to feel GOOD starting your day, going through your day, and making all of those other decisions you have to make – for your kids, at work, around the house.

You should feel good and confident while you’re doing it.

And it all starts in your closet.

So let’s talk about this solution I created for you – shall we?


20 closet essentials arranged for you in 100+ outfits across all categories of your life.

Think of it as your virtual closet: stylist-curated done-for-you outfits for the season!

A 32 page outfit guide with spring-chic outfits that you can download, print out, hang in your closet, keep on your phone – however works for you – so all you have to do is choose what you want to wear the next day and get excited to wake up so you can get dressed, walk down the steps, and notice a difference in how you feel.

Not only are your mornings now easier because you’ve eliminated that decision fatigue – you are also feeling confident. You’re feeling stylish. You’re feeling chic. You don’t feel so tempted to swipe up to shop on all the sales because you have in your closet everything you need. And now you can save that extra money for trips, activities, renovations, investments. And it feels good.

Complete with not only the outfit guide – I also walk you through the guide inside your virtual style portal in a 20 minute video – your own personal stylist – coming to give your closet a makeover for spring!

So you’ll be on your way to style made SIMPLE – but simply stylish.

An easy button to getting dressed

Less stress when you walk into your closet

Packing made easy

And a whole lot of time and money saved

…all for the price of a few lattes. Say WHAT?!


Julie Kraus | Stylist
〰️ I help you take the struggle out of style
Founder of CHIC▫️Podcast Host▫️Mom of 2