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March 3, 2020

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The most random picture for this. post, but I did my “dewy” routine the morning I took this which is why I used it!

Also – Liv is just cute so there’s that, too 😉

You know when you get a compliment and it sort of just makes your day! I went to barre class Friday with a friend I haven’t seen in a while – and she complimented me – and it not only made my day, but it sort of solidified for me that my current routine is working!

I’m not a big “wear makeup to the gym” type of girl, BUT when I’m going to be at barre class literally staring at myself in a mirror for an hour (LOL) I do feel better with the lightest layer of makeup and a coat of mascara.

I DID feel extra “glowy” that day – and I’m going to share the exact combination and routine I’ve been using to achieve that “dewy”, natural face look – one that’s perfect for a barre class, gym session, pool or beach, or just a day when you don’t feel like putting on ALL the makeup, but want to feel just a tad bit more confident!

I’ll preface this by saying that the night before, I used about 4 drops of these Vacay Tanning Drops. I swear by these. I really do. It’s because it’s the only face tanner I’ve found that ACTUALLY gives you the most SUBTLE, NATURAL color! You mix anywhere from 2-6 drops (depending on how much color you want!) in with your moisturizer (fool proof and no streaks!) and it gives you the BEST GLOW!!!! When they launched last month they sold out in TWO DAYS!!!! So pre-ordering opened up for the next batch that will ship in a couple of weeks. The only way to guarantee you’ll get a bottle is to grab them through this link. You won’t be charged until they ship! I recommend grabbing multiple so you don’t run out. Once you have these, you won’t want to live without them! I always have an extra bottle under my sink! lol

SO – I had used those the night before and did a couple drops more than I usually do – and then I used a product I’ve been using for a couple of weeks that hasn’t launched yet – it’s called QUENCH – launching this month (email me here to get on the waitlist!!), and it does just that – SUPER hydrates your skin – sort of like a blast of moisture/water to your face. It feels amazing going on – and mixed with a tinted moisturizer – it gives you that dewy, natural, easy look.

That day at barre, I used this one – which has SPF in it (a must for me every morning for sun protection), along with clean ingredients so I feel good about putting it on. I use shade Medium. I alternate between that and this CC cream that I’ve been using for a couple years and totally love for a very natural look that evens out your skin tone so well for a light product.

And that’s it! I threw on a couple coats of this mascara (so so good and up for an Allure Best of Clean Beauty Award!!!)

When I have more time in the morning, I do a bit more in terms of skin routine, but I had little time that morning so just did those three products quickly and it was perfect.

When I have more time, this is what I do, in this order:


  1. Beauty Water to clean my face! Basically in place of face washing. Cleanses and tones without stripping!

  2. Peptide Serum: I use this am and pm!

  3. Retinol Eye Wrinkle Smoother: Love the applicator and it’s definitely helped with the fine lines around my eyes, along with the eye cream I use at night!

  4. Quench (email me here to get on the waitlist!!): Launching soon – THIS is what I was talking about earlier that gives me that boost of hydration and the “dewy” look!

  5. Combine it with my tinted moisturizer and I’m ready for the day!

Feel free to message me with any questions!!! XOXO

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